bird mouse (jollyjubilation) wrote,
bird mouse

[ x ] Spell your first name backwards: no.

[ x ] The story behind your LJ user-name: it was supposed to be funny because it was ironic. i am rarely jolly or jubilant

[ x ] Are you a lesbian/queer: I AM A QUEERZO FOR TOTALLY SURE

[ x ] Three words to describe you: ugly, insignificant, dandy

[ x ] your hairbrush: it is gray and hairy.
[ x ] your toothbrush: blue with yellow bristles and a deformed dinsosaur. And I didn’t get it to be cool either, it was 67 cents and my mom is cheap. SO DIE ALL YOU ASSFUCK SCENEBITCHAZ
[ x ] your daily jewlery: it depends. Usually an ugly silver bracelet from mexico and a fake pearl necklace
[ x ] your shoes: orange semi-high heels, or green converse. OH I AM TYPICAL.
[ x ] what cd's in your car right now? I don’t have a car, and I am way past c.d.’s I totally have a crappy mp3 player from 2001
[ x ] your hair: resembles auburn donkey pubes

[ x ] is in your head? My skull and brain and stuff. NEEHAW
[ x ] are you wishing? That I could hit assholes who flirt with ma fictional manboy in english
[ x ] are you doing after this? Talk to Emily on aim
[ x ] are you eating? I was eating a cheddar biscuit earlier
[ x ] are your fetishes? Taco bell and skinny arms
[ x ] is next to you? 3 dollars and crusty deoderant
[ x ] are you looking forward to in the upcoming month? Maybe the next month after that. I quite enjoy fall
[ x ] was the last thing you ate? I JUST TOLD YOU

[ x ] would you kill if you could get away with it and why? My neighbor, because she is annoying and she is always drunk and passed out on her porch
[ x ] do you wish you could see right now? Emily or my older sister.
[ x ] are you talking to? emily

Have you ever...
[ x ] fallen for your best friend? no
[ x ] been rejected? yes
[ x ] been in lust? yes
[ x ] used someone? FOR SECKS
[ x ] cheated on someone? Kind of
[ x ] been cheated on? Not that I know of
[ x ] done something you regret? Too many

What/who was the last...
[ x ] thing you touched? MY THING
[ x ] person you talked to? Christa
[ x ] person you hugged? Richie
[ x ] person you instant messaged? GWEEDO
[ x ] person you yelled at? My mom
[ x ] person you laughed with? Amanda
[ x ] person you had a crush on? UM. Dirty sanchez

Do you...
[ x ] color your hair? Yes.
[ x ] have tattoos? No.
[ x ] have piercings? hardly
[ x ] floss daily? I brush my teeth everday. If that counts
[ x ] own a web cam? Yes.
[ x ] ever get off the damn computer? Not unless made to
[ x ] habla espanol? FRENCH IS COOLAR

Are you...
[ x ] understanding? Not really
[ x ] open-minded? no
[ x ] arrogant? Rarely
[ x ] insecure? All the time
[ x ] interesting? no.
[ x ] hungry? yes
[ x ] friendly? awkward
[ x ] smart? no
[ x ] moody? yes
[ x ] emotionally stable? no
[ x ] childish? yes
[ x ] hard working? NO
[ x ] shy? yes
[ x ] easily bored? yes
[ x ] thirsty? yes
[ x ] responsible? no
[ x ] happy? no
[ x ] unique? no
[ x ] lonely? GINER

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